“Hunt To Kill” Playback: Movie Clips

Three video clips featuring our playback from the Steve Austin movie “Hunt To Kill”.

“Stonados” Playback: Stills

Six still images from another large playback project, this time for a disaster movie called “Stonados”.

“Crash Site” Playback: Movie Clips

Here are some clips of our playback in the 2011 film “Crash Site”.

“Seattle Superstorm” Playback: More Movie Clips

Here are four more clips of our playback featured in Seattle Superstorm.

“Seattle Superstorm” Playback: Movie Clips

Here are some of the key scenes from Seattle Superstorm that feature our playback animation.

“Recoil” Playback: Classic Arcade Game Movie Clip

We found a clip of our classic arcade game animation from the 2011 movie Recoil, starring Steve Austin. Great to see it being used so seamlessly in the movie.

“Music For Mandela”: Poster

Identity poster and electronic press kit for a documentary about Nelson Mandela, specifically how music played a huge part in his political life.

Flash Tutorial: Panels Animation (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a 22-step tutorial for Intermediate to Advanced Flash Animators.

Flash Tutorial: Panels Animation (Part 1)

Here is a tutorial we made when teaching Intermediate and Advanced Flash Animation. The end result is something like this scene of floating panels, rotating around a glowing core.

“Seattle Superstorm”: Interview With Director Jason Bourque

The website tuningintoscifitv.com has a good interview with Director Jason Bourque on their weekly podcast, Saturday B-Movie Reel.