The Melville Boys (Alt 1)

The theme of The Melville Boys (dueling brothers) lead to this alternate illustration, inspired by Mexican wrestling posters. Even though it was rejected, we had great fun with the source image. Prints are available.

The Melville Boys

This design was inspired by Polish matchbox illustrations from the 50s. No, really! Textures created with ink and Photoshop. Shapes imported as vectors.

Autumn Manoeuvers

This was an early experiment with some textures that we have returned to with great satisfaction. Big, flat areas of colour with a hand-made texture that is intended to suggest a paint roller or classic print-making techniques. Indeed, the texture was made with a roller and black ink on heavy paper, scanned and applied in […]

Out On A Limb

With a couple of boots propped under his car as his ruse, a man sneaks off to romance the woman across the street. Bright and colourful for a comedy of this nature, we were thinking about the London backgrounds in 101 Dalmatians for the line work.

Noises Off

This manic, hilarious play is about the action taking place both on- and back-stage as a small touring production derails further with each performance. Mistimed entrances, sudden exits, misplaced props and slamming doors are all part of the fun. The set actually revolves at one point, revealing the goings-on behind the scenes. We wanted to […]

Sand Castles

The second poster for the Metro Theatre allowed us the pleasure of working in miniature. It was great fun to work entirely in real materials again; blue cellophane, plasticine, cardboard, wood veneer, sea shells, sand and a cocktail umbrella. We used our own studio for the photography.

Second Summer

A widower on vacation in Florida finds himself the centre of attention, much to his surprise. While the final called for a “normal” head for the central character, we loved this version. While he is clearly sad, the chalky lines and bright colours suggest that things will change for him. The sunset highlights both the […]

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