Oscar And Felix

A modern re-working of Simon’s The Odd Couple. Vectors and textures again, using colour, shape, font and silhouette to suggest the two main personalities in the play.

Plaza Suite (2)

Keith’s alternate version of the Plaza Suite illustration with simplified colours and some gentle texture. The edges have been roughed up to suggest a hand-made look. Prints are available in a number of sizes.

The Melville Boys (Alt 2)

Another alternate for The Melville Boys. Typographic posters are a very different way of looking at illustration and can be great fun.

The Melville Boys (Alt 1)

The theme of The Melville Boys (dueling brothers) lead to this alternate illustration, inspired by Mexican wrestling posters. Even though it was rejected, we had great fun with the source image. Prints are available.

The Melville Boys

This design was inspired by Polish matchbox illustrations from the 50s. No, really! Textures created with ink and Photoshop. Shapes imported as vectors.

Anything Goes

This classic play deserved classic treatment. Influenced by travel posters of the early twentieth century, we let the iconic imagery speak for itself, backed by a subtle silk-screen texture.

Autumn Manoeuvers

This was an early experiment with some textures that we have returned to with great satisfaction. Big, flat areas of colour with a hand-made texture that is intended to suggest a paint roller or classic print-making techniques. Indeed, the texture was made with a roller and black ink on heavy paper, scanned and applied in […]


Another murder-mystery poster for the Metro Theatre. The Inspector arrives at the scene of the crime to find five women, each with their own unique version of what happened to the victim. Since it was set in 1905 we used textures to suggest that the poster had been folded up and stored for a very […]

Second Summer

A widower on vacation in Florida finds himself the centre of attention, much to his surprise. While the final called for a “normal” head for the central character, we loved this version. While he is clearly sad, the chalky lines and bright colours suggest that things will change for him. The sunset highlights both the […]

Black Coffee

This was the “proof of concept” poster that we did for the Metro Theatre to convince them that we could give their promotional material a whole new look. It worked, and we enjoyed three and a half wonderful seasons doing posters for the Metro. “Black Coffee” is one of Agatha Christie’s early Hercule Poirot mysteries, […]

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