Example 017: Linocut Text

Masking inks to simulate the moody look of linocut printing.

Example 016: Mateusz Tajsich

Another excellent poster by Mateusz Tajsich.

Example 015: Susan Hall

More from super-creative super-user Susan Hall.

Example 012: Caleb Ketchersid

Ink 001 used as a background.

Example 011: The Inconsistent Jukebox Album Art

Ink 112 used in album cover art.

Example 010: Masked Brushstrokes

Vector illustrations used to mask and colour various inks.

Example 009: Texture for Mood

Here’s a simple illustration made with paths and rough brushes.

Example 008: Textures As Masks

Here’s a bold text-based illustration using some of the wood from Texture 066 to mask in solid layers of cyan and magenta.

Example 007: Double Exposure

Double exposures through portraits.

Example 006: Photoshop Brushes

These Photoshop brushes are made from samples of Ink #127.

Example 005: Susan Hall

Artist Susan Hall used inks, textures and vector art in this digital collage piece.

Example 004: Mateusz Tajsich

Mateusz Tajsich incorporated some inks in this beautiful poster for a Go club.

Example 003

This theatre poster from Ikeda-Barry Creative combines a dry, rolled-ink texture with strong vector shapes for a warm yet dramatic effect.

Example 002

This example uses Ink 029. Two Photoshop layers of colour painted with a large airbrush. Brushstroke inks pasted into layer masks and inverted. Top layer set to Hard Light blend mode.

Example 001

Keith Ikeda-Barry combined line drawings with dynamic ink splatters, and specific areas of accent colours.