Texture 120: Set of 4

set of 4 old, damaged yellow square pattern on asphalt

Texture 118: Set of 3

set of 3 stained, scratched, cracked, painted plaster

Texture 117: Set of 2

set of 2 old, damaged tape over cracked plywood

Texture 112: Set of 5

set of 5 rough, burned, cracked, stained cement textures

Texture 109: Set of 9

set of 9 rough, dirty, flaking painted plywood with staples

Texture 107: Set of 6

set of 6 short focus, cracked surfaces with frost and sunlight

Texture 105: Set of 4

set of 4 cracked, chipped sandstone rock faces

Texture 103: Set of 7

set of 7 old, wrinkled, cracked, Japanese book pages with calligraphic writing

Texture 085: Set of 4

paved road with painted numbers
set of 4

Texture 082: Set of 5

rough rectangular paving stones
set of 5

Ink 077

cracked, patterned black squares

Texture 072: Set of 2

long, curved crack through painted concrete wall
set of 2

Texture 066: Set of 4

stacks of rough, raw, cracked wood pieces
set of 4

Texture 062: Set of 3

thick, cracked tree bark
set of 3

Texture 051: Set of 4

old, chipped, broken, curved ceramic tiles
set of 4

Ink 044

dark, cracked,scratched, rough ink imprint

Texture 039

cracked, rough, worn, chipped, antique ceramic floor tile

Texture 036

cracked, broken, chipped, clear, dirty,scratched window glass

Texture 035

gritty, rough, cracked painted stucco wall

Texture 030

rough, cracked rocky cliff face