Texture 103: Set of 7

set of 7 old, wrinkled, cracked, Japanese book pages with calligraphic writing

Ink 101: Set of 5

set of 5 soft, watery, cloudy bleeds on heavy paper

Ink 090: Set of 2

2 sets of dry, splotchy, bleeding ink on crumpled, folded paper towel

Texture 089: Set of 6

6 layered, overlapping, ripped, torn, scraped posters on dark metal panel

Texture 086

wrinkled, bent cardboard air mail envelope with stickers, stamps and seals

Texture 071: Set of 5

ripped, scraped paper over Japanese no parking sign
set of 5

Texture 069: Set of 2

wrinkled, ripped red paper
set of 2

Ink 064: Set of 2

blotchy, dry ink on paper towel
set of 2

Texture 057: Set of 5

worn, rough, damaged antique stitched book cover
set of 5

Texture 045

rough, organic, creased, wrinkled, folded, orange hand-made paper

Ink 030

splattered, washy, splotchy, stained, heavy textured paper

Ink 022

soft edged, bleeding, cloudy ink dot on heavy watercolour paper

Ink 013

spray, splatter, misty blue ink on paper