Texture 149: Set of 2

set of 2: patterns of brick-shaped tile

Texture 147: Set of 4

set of 4: scratched, flaking paint on old fiber board

Texture 143: Set of 2

set of 2: dry, cracked clay-and-plaster walls

Texture 131: Set of 2

set of 2: rough, scored plaster walls

Texture 128

wall of glass bricks

Texture 119

handwritten dictionary text on rough white wall

Texture 101: Set of 3

set of 3 old walls made of broken brick, stone and tile

Texture 097: Set of 2

set of 2 dry, damaged walls made with mud and tiles

Texture 096: Set of 2

set of 2 rough, grungy, dirty walls stained with drips

Texture 088: Set of 2

2 rough, pitted, dirty pink stucco walls

Texture 072: Set of 2

long, curved crack through painted concrete wall
set of 2

Texture 063: Set of 3

gritty, painted square on rough concrete wall
set of 3

Texture 056: Set of 2

rough, scratched, dark, grungy plaster
set of 2

Texture 051: Set of 4

old, chipped, broken, curved ceramic tiles
set of 4

Texture 050: Set of 8

old cracked, stained, flaking, painted wood
set of 8

Texture 035

gritty, rough, cracked painted stucco wall

Texture 034

smooth, painted, arched, open doorway in wall

Texture 027: Set of 4

old, rough, bark, wood, bamboo fences
set of 4

Texture 020

rough, gritty, plaster wall

Texture 009

grungy, decayed, cement and ceramic-tile Japanese wall