Specially Preserved Extravagance

Japanese English (sometimes called Japlish) is not new anymore, but it can still be surprising. Sometimes it is merely delightfully naive, but often it over-reaches, yearning for grandiosity and ending up bewilderingly senseless. And it is simply maddening when basic mistakes slip past a “proofreader” and end up on a billboard or all over a┬áline of products.

Why there is a never-ending stream of it (and where it comes from) is a constant source of fascination for native English speakers in Japan. Here are two recent examples that caught us by surprise and made us laugh.

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Florida Fauna: Birds

Inclement Weather Leads to Cocktails

Tim Gerwing: Adagio

As many of you know, Tim Gerwing makes some amazing music.

We have one if his recent albums, Adagio, in heavy rotation at our house. Here’s a montage of samples from it:

Middle-Eastern and Spanish jazz guitar with Tim’s characteristic electronic edge. Just beautiful.

Visit Tim’s site to hear more of his music: lascaux21.com

Sad Nixon

We thought this broken planter could be a poster for a movie about Richard Nixon and the secret sadness he kept hidden from everyone.

We posted it to a discussion forum a few weeks ago and someone out there on the Internet liked it so much they made this:

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Breakfast Boats

Meet the New Blog

What was keeping us from updating our old blog? A few things:

  • It was not pretty, so it wasn’t fun to look at.
  • It was old, so the interface was clunky and laborious to use.
  • The address was over-long, so it is was hard to visit and share.

So we made this, using the very simple WordPress 2015 theme. We have a lot of photos and stories of things we’ve gone, made and done that we hope you’ll enjoy and we look forward to reading any comments.

And for goodness sake, send us a link to your blog or site so we can include it in the sidebar.

More soon!