“Music For Mandela” Poster on Spin.com

Spin magazine used our poster to illustrate their interview with “Music For Mandela: A Legacy With A Backbeat” Director, Jason Bourque.

“Music For Mandela” Wins Top Honour

“Music For Mandela” has won the Audience Choice Award for the 2013 Amnesty International Film Festival in Vancouver!

“Music For Mandela”: Poster

Identity poster and electronic press kit for a documentary about Nelson Mandela, specifically how music played a huge part in his political life.

Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (3)

The cover piece for the Boys’ Things To Do proposal. Layers of stock images blended in Photoshop.

Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (2)

Another piece for the Boys’ Things To Do proposal. Layers of source material, blended in Photoshop.

Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (1)

Some proof-of-concept graphics for a movie pitch. Boys’ Things To Do is about a young man in a post-disaster, zombie-riddled future. He finds his way by consulting the eponymous book. Source image:

Twentieth Century

The action takes place in 1933 on the iconic train that ran between Chicago and New York. A rising starlet regards the train as a symbol of her increasing success, while an old flame, down on his luck, sees her as his last chance.

And Then There Were None

The brief was for something to suggest the isolation of the location, the terror of the murders, and the sense of helplessness as the victims are picked off, one by one.

Opening Night (2)

Secondary poster for Opening Night.

Opening Night

An ensemble piece, “Opening Night” is a play-within-a-play wherein things go hilariously wrong.