“Music For Mandela”: Poster

Identity poster and electronic press kit for a documentary about Nelson Mandela, specifically how music played a huge part in his political life.

Client: Gold Star Productions.

From Gold Star’s website:

“Music for Mandela” is a rich, feature-length documentary which looks back at two landmark international broadcast events – 1988s Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute and 1990s International Tribute For A Free South Africa  which played a pivotal role in refocusing the worlds attention on the injustices of Apartheid as exemplified by Nelson Mandelas incarceration, secured his speedy release from prison and provided him with a broadcast platform from which to address the world.The documentary will utilize concert footage from these two landmark events along with new interviews with the world’s leading musicians who performed at Wembley Stadium to a broadcast audience of over 1 billion people in 67 countries.

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