“Recoil” Playback: Classic Arcade Game Movie Clip

We found a clip of our classic arcade game animation from the 2011 movie Recoil, starring Steve Austin. Great to see it being used so seamlessly in the movie.

Flash Tutorial: Panels Animation (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a 22-step tutorial for Intermediate to Advanced Flash Animators.

Flash Tutorial: Panels Animation (Part 1)

Here is a tutorial we made when teaching Intermediate and Advanced Flash Animation. The end result is something like this scene of floating panels, rotating around a glowing core.

“Recoil” Playback: Classic Arcade Game

Classic arcade-style video game, beginning and ending with huge explosions.

FBI Screensaver

A screen-saver for background monitors in the FBI office. The blue “curtain” background is a looping animation. Production: The Stranger Feature


A busy FBI agent suddenly notices someone is remotely logging into his computer. Production: The Stranger Feature

News Site

An internet search reveals the dark history of her seemingly perfect boyfriend. Production: A Trace Of Danger Lifetime TV

Storms Over The West Coast

The West Coast of North America becomes a cauldron of deadly storms. Our work gets some good play in the Preview/Trailer. Production: Storm Cell Lifetime TV

Blonde And Blonder Title Animation: Lightbulb

    Part of the opening title sequence. Production: Blonde And Blonder

Blonde And Blonder Title Animation: Breakfast

          Part of the opening title sequence. Production: Blonde And Blonder

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