Opening Night (2)

Secondary poster for Opening Night.

Opening Night

An ensemble piece, “Opening Night” is a play-within-a-play wherein things go hilariously wrong.

A Nice Family Gathering

A warm comedy where a man’s dead father appears to him as a ghost during a family event.


Two couples return to find the house has been burgled. A man claiming to be a policeman appears from a closet, already on the case.

The Crazy Time

Without spelling out the problems he faces (divorce, loss of his job, etc.) we aimed to illustrate the suspense of watching an unwitting protagonist as his life starts to unravel before his eyes. Bright colours for this comedy, with the warm feeling of hand-drawn lines and lively textures, fonts and effects.

Father’s Day

A family gathering brings surprises to an unsuspecting man. Vectors, textures and layer effects in Photoshop.

Oscar And Felix

A modern re-working of Simon’s The Odd Couple. Vectors and textures again, using colour, shape, font and silhouette to suggest the two main personalities in the play.

Plaza Suite (2)

Keith’s alternate version of the Plaza Suite illustration with simplified colours and some gentle texture. The edges have been roughed up to suggest a hand-made look. Prints are available in a number of sizes.

Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite is three couples and their relationship conflicts over a week-end at the Park Plaza hotel overlooking New York’s Central Park. The three stories are told over three acts with two actors playing all the roles. We tried to suggest as much of this as we could and, clearly, took influence from The New […]

The Melville Boys (Alt 2)

Another alternate for The Melville Boys. Typographic posters are a very different way of looking at illustration and can be great fun.

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