“Stonados” Playback: Stills

Six still images from another large playback project, this time for a disaster movie called “Stonados”.

“Seattle Superstorm” Playback: City Data

City transit information is updated live on interactive maps. Production: Seattle Superstorm Syfy

“Crash Site” Playback: Disconnected

Finally they manage to disconnect the secure hard drives and stop the data loss. Production: Crash Site Feature

“Crash Site” Playback: Connected

One by one the secure hard drives start uploading their valuable data to the hacker’s remote computer. Production: Crash Site Feature

“Crash Site” Playback: Hacking The Hard Drives

Hackers remotely access a secure data hosting company and steal valuable information. Production: Crash Site Feature

Swarms Of Flying Robots

Swarms “Seraphs”, released over a military test site, created havoc for people on the ground as programmers struggle to deactivate them. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy

Satellite Tracking

Satellite paths and relevant data streams. Map zooms in to show detailed site. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy