Arsenic And Old Lace

Old ladies poison lonely old men, bury them in the basement and collect their life insurance.

Dial M For Murder: Work In Progress

(Left) Aya working on the props for the Dial M For Murder poster. (Below) All the props together before manipulation in Photoshop.

Dial M For Murder

Another chance to work in miniature! Aya got out her tools and built the fireplace, hearth, armchair and table from scratch. We ordered the carpet and a tiny telephone from a doll-house supplies website. The carpet turned out just fine, but the telephone was far too small to be of use so Keith carved one […]

A Murder Is Announced: Program Cover

We have to adapt each Metro poster to the limits of their program cover as part of the job. This has its own set of demands since the program cover is done with off-set printing, using only black plus one colour. This involves a real re-think of the graphic, not least because the dimensions are […]

A Murder Is Announced

This one was a lot of fun to make. The key image in the plot is when the front door of a house opens to reveal a figure silhouetted against the setting sun. This person is shot dead, setting the rest of the play in motion. Aya cut the figure, the floor, the posts and […]

Wedding Of The Year

Another great opportunity to work in miniature. Aya created the wedding dress from paper doilies and made the tiara from beads and wire. The veil is one of those plastic net bags that garlic comes in. Supermarket chic. Final model stands approximately 10″ (25cm) high. Photographed in our studio and processed in Photoshop.

Noises Off (Alt)

We brought one of our other ideas to final form just for fun. Again, the front/back of the theatre flat and the fish and suitcase props are referenced  (if you have seen the play you  know their significance) but this time we worked in miniature. Aya sculpted the fish and Keith painted it digitally. We […]

Sand Castles

The second poster for the Metro Theatre allowed us the pleasure of working in miniature. It was great fun to work entirely in real materials again; blue cellophane, plasticine, cardboard, wood veneer, sea shells, sand and a cocktail umbrella. We used our own studio for the photography.