Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (2)

Another piece for the Boys’ Things To Do proposal. Layers of source material, blended in Photoshop.

Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (1)

Some proof-of-concept graphics for a movie pitch. Boys’ Things To Do is about a young man in a post-disaster, zombie-riddled future. He finds his way by consulting the eponymous book. Source image:

FBI Screensaver

A screen-saver for background monitors in the FBI office. The blue “curtain” background is a looping animation. Production: The Stranger Feature


A busy FBI agent suddenly notices someone is remotely logging into his computer. Production: The Stranger Feature

News Site

An internet search reveals the dark history of her seemingly perfect boyfriend. Production: A Trace Of Danger Lifetime TV

Swarms Of Flying Robots

Swarms “Seraphs”, released over a military test site, created havoc for people on the ground as programmers struggle to deactivate them. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy

Temperature Drops

  Sudden temperature drops indicate another deadly storm is imminent. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy

Storm Tracking

The Federal Science Foundation is tracking deadly localized storms that are popping up all around the experimental test site. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy

Satellite Tracking

Satellite paths and relevant data streams. Map zooms in to show detailed site. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy

Government Office E-Mailer

An inter-departmental e-mail application for a fictional government office, complete with an audio chat application. Production: Ice Twisters Syfy

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