Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (3)

The cover piece for the Boys’ Things To Do proposal. Layers of stock images blended in Photoshop.

Poster: “Boys’ Things To Do” (2)

Another piece for the Boys’ Things To Do proposal. Layers of source material, blended in Photoshop.

Twentieth Century

The action takes place in 1933 on the iconic train that ran between Chicago and New York. A rising starlet regards the train as a symbol of her increasing success, while an old flame, down on his luck, sees her as his last chance.

Strictly Murder

Strangers show up at a man’s country home and confront him about his past.

Dial M For Murder: Work In Progress

(Left) Aya working on the props for the Dial M For Murder poster. (Below) All the props together before manipulation in Photoshop.

A Murder Is Announced

This one was a lot of fun to make. The key image in the plot is when the front door of a house opens to reveal a figure silhouetted against the setting sun. This person is shot dead, setting the rest of the play in motion. Aya cut the figure, the floor, the posts and […]

The Melville Boys

This design was inspired by Polish matchbox illustrations from the 50s. No, really! Textures created with ink and Photoshop. Shapes imported as vectors.

Last Night Of Ballyhoo

Aya’s brushwork is the backbone of this poster. The backgrounds are all ink scans that were blended in Photoshop.

Autumn Manoeuvers

This was an early experiment with some textures that we have returned to with great satisfaction. Big, flat areas of colour with a hand-made texture that is intended to suggest a paint roller or classic print-making techniques. Indeed, the texture was made with a roller and black ink on heavy paper, scanned and applied in […]

Noises Off (Alt)

We brought one of our other ideas to final form just for fun. Again, the front/back of the theatre flat and the fish and suitcase props are referenced  (if you have seen the play you  know their significance) but this time we worked in miniature. Aya sculpted the fish and Keith painted it digitally. We […]

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