Example 010: Masked Brushstrokes

Vector illustrations used to mask and colour various inks.

Ink 134: Set of 3

set of 3: rectangular imprint patterns

Texture 134: Set of 2

set of 2: rough, gritty grainy sand

Example 009: Texture for Mood

Here’s a simple illustration made with paths and rough brushes.

Ink 133: Set of 2

set of 2: various marker lines and scribbles

Texture 133

box of hundreds of circular metal coins

Example 008: Textures As Masks

Here’s a bold text-based illustration using some of the wood from Texture 066 to mask in solid layers of cyan and magenta.

Ink 132

wet scribble over ink wash

Texture 132: Set of 6

set of 6: finely scratched wood panel

Example 007: Double Exposure

Double exposures through portraits.

Ink 131: Set of 9

set of 9: large wet and dry overlaid brush strokes

Texture 131: Set of 2

set of 2: rough, scored plaster walls

Example 006: Photoshop Brushes

These Photoshop brushes are made from samples of Ink #127.

Ink 130: Set of 2

set of 2: rolled, rough black shapes with great edges

Texture 130: Set of 2

set of 2: stained, aged wood panel