Ink 132

wet brushy scribble over ink wash

3508 x 2332 – 5.4 Mb



3 Responses to “Ink 132”

  1. Su Hall says:

    I LIKE this one! Could you do some more like this that are watercolored or inked? I would like to use it as an overlay or background to make a layout look painted. I sure appreciates it! Thank you!


  2. IATadmin says:

    Glad you like it, Su! We would love to supply you with more like this. What do you mean by “watercoloured or inked”? Do you mean coloured? Or washy bleeds? Have you tried combining multiple inks in Photoshop and experimenting with the Layer Blend modes?

    Tell us more about what you need. We’ll do it!

  3. Su Hall says:

    I guess they would be ‘washy bleeds’. I have tried blending and the results are phenomenal. Maybe, what I like is this one is full page, so to speak. The lights and darks of the above piece are great. They fill up a large area. I could add an image and blending modes and get an image that looks like it was done with inks and/or paints. I’ll try to whip something up and show you what I mean.
    Thank you for your response!


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