Ink 150: Set of 4

set of 4: colourful bleeds on paper towel

Ink 122

loose brush texture, splatter and bleeds on watercolour paper

Ink 116

linear scribble with over-wash

Ink 112

wet sprayed ink with drips and bleeds

Ink 107

dark scribble with watery bleed and paper texture

Ink 106: Set of 7

set of 7 wet, bleeding, splashing watercolour splats

Ink 101: Set of 5

set of 5 soft, watery, cloudy bleeds on heavy paper

Ink 081: Set of 2

wet brush lines
set of 2

Ink 058

12 small watercolour brush shapes

Ink 037: Set of 4

set of 4 wet, dry, rough, bleeding watercolour circles

Ink 036

patchy, random watercolour brush strokes and daubs

Ink 033

angled, wet, watery, layered light brushstrokes

Ink 032

wet, spotty, gritty, bleeding ink

Ink 030

splattered, washy, splotchy, stained, heavy textured paper

Example 002

This example uses Ink 029. Two Photoshop layers of colour painted with a large airbrush. Brushstroke inks pasted into layer masks and inverted. Top layer set to Hard Light blend mode.

Ink 029

straight, horizontal and vertical watercolour brushstrokes

Example 001

Keith Ikeda-Barry combined line drawings with dynamic ink splatters, and specific areas of accent colours.

Ink 022

soft edged, bleeding, cloudy ink dot on heavy watercolour paper

Ink 010

watery, bleeding, big, dark, black ink drops on heavy watercolour paper