Différance 02

Even while working on the original Différance (50 cm x 50 cm), I felt that it would work as a much larger piece. Interestingly, it took a lot of trials before the surface looked right in this larger scale. The height variability of the smaller, original piece just did not translate successfully, but rather added […]


A sculptural painting that reads differently depending on which quality the viewer engages with (surface, colour, edge, line, absence, repetition, shadow, etc). Continuing my explorations into elemental oppositions. Here is a system of signs with no inherent absolute meaning, but with structural differences that draw meaning from reciprocal determination with other elements. The spaces are […]

Elements 6×12

I previously posted a small piece that acted as a proof-of-concept for this much larger work. The smaller piece was made of 6 cm squares while this is made of 10 cm squares arranged in a 6 x 12 grid, with thicknesses of 5, 10 and 13 mm. All pieces are made from cut and […]

Making Block Prints With Polystyrene Foam

Using sheets of pink polystyrene foam insulation to create my block prints.