Day 09: Baltan Seijin

Baltan Seijin Ink and gouache on board.

Day 07: 12 Kaiju

12 Kaiju Marker, watercolour.

Day 04: Pigmon

Pigman Acrylic and ink on wood.

Day 03: Supina-Chi

Supina-Chi comes in the night. Ink, pencil.

Day 01: Dada

Day 01: Dada Gouache on Bristol board. Roller, sponge, toothbrush, bottle cap, hand-cut stencil.

Two Ink Monsters

Buska Ink, watercolour 2008

Monster Brushes

Brusheezy is a site for sharing Photoshop brushes and other resources. Since I’ve used other people’s brushes in the past, I decided to make a set to share with the community. I have made many, many brushes in the past for my own use, but it was difficult to come up with images that I […]