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Day 15

Day 15BlossomsSumie Ink and Thread

Day 14

Day 14Arnolfo’s Tower in FirenzePen and Digital Ink

Day 13

Day 13Michelangelo: Girl Trouble(With all respect to the master, his sculpture of the female form is sometimes a record of his preference for the male figure.)Pen

Day 12

Day 12Catnip MousiesFelt, Thread, Cotton and Catnip!

Day 11

Day 11After Lautrec’s “La Viennoise”Pencil, Colour Pencil and Water Colour

Day 10

Day 10Balinese DancersPen and Digital Colour

Day 9

Day 09Cat attackPen

Day 8

Day 08Cut paper

Day 7

Day 07MikonosWatercolour

Day 6

Day 06Buffy Saint-MariePencil

Day 5

Day 05WisteriaSumi-e ink.

Day 4

Day 04I read Hellboy for the first time.Colours by Keith.

Day 3

Day 03People in Soma café today.

Day 2

Day 02Kikyou. I don’t know what it’s called in English.Growing on our patio.

Day 01

Day 01Applina, the visiting cat.I had to drag her out from under the duvet.She is a night cat.