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Day 30: Self-Portrait

Day 30Self-PortraitColoured Pencils

Day 29

Day 29Maple Tree on 13th Ave.Watercolour

Day 28

Day 28Unclear DreamPaper

Day 27

Day 27Ukiyo-e (After Utamaro)Pencil, oil, embroidery

Day 26

Day 26CosmosWatercolour

Day 25

Day 25UntitledDigital Photo

Day 24

Day 24“I stopped going to yoga.”Found objects, modelling clay, wire, cardboard, foam, wood, paper, lavender, fabric, etc.Concept, chair construction: Keith.

Day 23

Day 23Further work in progress.Paper, paint, wood, woodstain, dried lavender.

Day 22

Day 22Work in progress.Clay, Wire and Thread

Day 21

Day 21Cry fashion!And let slip the little dogs.Pen

Day 20

Day 20 Roses at the Gas Station.Digital Photo

Day 19

Day19Botticelli’s Primavera Pencil, Gesso, Thread, Pearls and Garnet on Canvas.

Day 18

Day18Strawberry PieStrawberries, Sugar, Cream, Egg White, Butter, Flour and Water

Day 17

Day17SesameWater-Soluble Crayons

Day 16

Day 16White SkirtWatercolour