Elephant And Bear

We spied these beautiful 12th Century frescoes in the Prado.

We imagine the original conversation probably went something like this:
Client: “And up there, above the right arch, we want a bear.”
Artist: “A bear. Good choice. No problem.”
C: “You’re familiar with bears?”
A: “Bears? Oh, yes. My father and uncle used to dress up in a bear skin to frighten the kids at festivals. No problem there.”
C: “Okay, but it has to look like a real bear.”
A: “Of course.”
C: “Not like two men in a bear skin!”
A: “Ha-haa! No! Of course. No problem. And on the left?”
C: “On the left we want an elephant.”
A: “An…?”
C: “Elephant.”
A: “What, like a horse?”
C: “No, an elephant.”
A: “Elephant. Yes. No, that’s what I thought you said. Elephant. Good.”
C: “Do you know what an elephant is?”
A: “Oh, yes. No problem.”
C: “You’ve seen one before?”
A: “An elephant? Yes. No problem.”
C: “You keep saying ‘no problem’…”
A: “Yeah, no problem. An elephant…┬áLike a horse.”
C: “What?”
A: “What?”