Green Citrus Marmalades

Sudachi are golf ball-sized citrus, prized in Japan for their intense flavour and aroma. You might find a paper-thin slice atop a grilled fish or a curl of rind in a steamed custard.


If you’re lucky, it might be the even-more-fragrant (and expensive) yuzu.

In an brazen attempt to bring down the culture by turning its basic culinary tenets on their head, we decided to make sudachi marmalade.

No-one in the history of Japan has ever done this.

Why would they? It is insane, and not delicious.

We are ill-equipped to judge the sanity of making sudachi marmalade…

…but we can tell you that it is insanely delicious.

Dark, bitter and densely packed with everything good about marmalade, it has the aroma of limes that have been meditating for years on the true nature of citrus.

For our next trick, we decided to make a batch with Key Limes.

Florida was unfazed by this.
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Florida Fauna: Cats

Our last Florida Fauna post, wherein we show you cats that we met. Or almost met.

Florida Fauna: Pinchy

Sometimes it’s “pinch or get pinched”.

Can’t believe we don’t have a photo of the pinchos we ate in Culebra. This is the perfect post for them!*

*Edit: found pics of the pinchos:

Oh, the Huge Manatee!

A good friend in Japan is mad for manatees, but hasn’t managed a trip to Florida yet. So we went looking for some on her behalf. We found a place in  Crystal River on the west coast of Florida that knows where the manatees hang out and they let us swim around with them. Big grey sausages with elephant skin and half the energy of a tired sloth (the manatees, not us).

As amazing as it was to snorkel with these world champion nappers, it turns out that manatees are not that hard to come by in Florida. They love shallow canals, and if there is one out back of your b&b you can just walk down after breakfast and see ’em.

Click through for video of manatees frolicking most un-slothfully.

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Florida Fauna: Birds