On Pizza?

You know we love black garlic.

Garlic-Ferment-06sTakes about 3 weeks to make. Consistency like jellied dates* and sweet but still very garlicky. Turns out it’s very good on pizza, which surprised exactly no-one.

Garlic-Ferment-02s*Are there such things as jellied dates? WHY NOT?

We always suggest pairing it with a pungent cheese,  like Quebec’s washed-rind Oka.Image from North Vancouver's Cheeseman.

The only thing better, of course, is this:
Black garlic and Oka pizza (those are curls of shredded mozzarella underneath).



Most likely served with a sparkling wine to a group of happy friends, but honestly it was so delicious we can’t remember anything else from that night.

2 Replies to “On Pizza?”

    1. We realized we could also have made a Hail Mary, but didn’t think of it. We usually don’t make cocktails. Except G&T.

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