Green Citrus Marmalades

Sudachi are golf ball-sized citrus, prized in Japan for their intense flavour and aroma. You might find a paper-thin slice atop a grilled fish or a curl of rind in a steamed custard.


If you’re lucky, it might be the even-more-fragrant (and expensive) yuzu.

In an brazen attempt to bring down the culture by turning its basic culinary tenets on their head, we decided to make sudachi marmalade.

No-one in the history of Japan has ever done this.

Why would they? It is insane, and not delicious.

We are ill-equipped to judge the sanity of making sudachi marmalade…

…but we can tell you that it is insanely delicious.

Dark, bitter and densely packed with everything good about marmalade, it has the aroma of limes that have been meditating for years on the true nature of citrus.

For our next trick, we decided to make a batch with Key Limes.

Florida was unfazed by this.

There are many more kinds of limes and green citrus out there, each deserving of a chance to prove their marmaladiness.

Any suggestions on which to do next?

There are many marmalade recipes out there, but we used a variation of this one.



6 Replies to “Green Citrus Marmalades”

  1. Have you considered Ugli Fruit Marmalade? When I was a very young man, our family used to eat ugli fruit at breakfast, and I couldn’t get over how horrible looking the skin was – green, bumpy and ugly, like the skin of an alligator – yet how lovely looking the citrus inside was: a tantalizing colour somewhere between the yellow of a grapefruit and the orange of an tangerine. And the taste… sublime. Make a marmalade from that and I will return your silverware. Promise.

    1. Just looked up Ugli Fruit (TM). They sound delicious. So many citrus to try. You must have someone else’s silverware; we eat with our fingers.

  2. I just wanted to comment on how adorable that mini citrus press is! And the marmalade is indeed insanely delicious!

    1. Glad you like that marmalade! We found that squeezer in Mexico where it got a lot of use making afternoon drinks. And morning drinks.

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