Goto Islands, Part 2: Oysters

Click here to see Part 1 of our trip to Japan’s Goto Islands.

We heard about Goto Island’s famous oysters and decided to send some to Aya’s parents in Osaka. We stopped at a seafood company called Maruoto and the day took an amazing turn.

Maruoto specializes in big, beautiful oysters.

We had only been in the store for a couple of minutes when Shin, the owner’s son, offered to open some samples for us. They were huge, but so delicate and gently briny, like a sea water custard.

That was just the beginning of what turned into an amazing afternoon. Read on to see more.

Shin invited us to take a look at their processing plant, just a couple of kilometers down the road. It was an old-world wooden shack on floats, with rubber-clad workers inside sorting and cleaning oysters on tables.

Then Shin brought over an open boat and took us on a tour around the local bays to see their oyster farms. Click to see larger images with descriptions.


The tour was such an unexpected and generous treat, and so in keeping with what we found to be the way of life on the islands.

Once we got back to Osaka, we ordered another box of oysters from Shin.

They arrived the next day, and were every bit as delicious as we remembered.

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