Premium Collection 002




  • spattered, crystalline, cloud-like swarms of sprayed ink
  • watery, bleeding, dark, organic, geographic, inky clouds
  • spray, splatter, misty blue ink on paper
  • rough, dry, distressed, thick, patterned ink made with a roller
  • dry, rough, wavy, short, inky brushstrokes
  • wet, grey, bleeding, brushy, mottled wash
  • thick, dry, ink roller with rough edges
  • set of 5 medium, low-contrast, wet ink washes
  • two irregular, rectangular, dark, medium-contrast, bleeding ink washes
  • rough, dry, wide, scratchy brush-marks


  • cellular, spotted, back-lit slab of styrofoam
  • crumpled, wrinkled, creased, round-cornered, purple cardboard
  • dry, cracked, stained, crumbling concrete pavement
  • green, grungy, mossy, moldy, lichen-covered smooth stone
  • subtle, rough, dry, rubbed graphite cloud on white paper
  • peeling, dry, cracked, rough, grungy, flaking, curling, yellow, bleached wood
  • knotted, grainy wooden fence with nails
  • set of 5 wrinkled, patched, gritty, green, grungy asphalt roofing shingles with nails
  • rusty, stained, scratched, grungy, metal, black and yellow caution stripes
  • rough, gritty, plaster wall

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