Ink 260: Set of 3

inky lines

Ink 248: Set of 4

rough lines

Ink 232: Set of 5

coloured paint shapes

Ink 225

inky scribbled line

Ink 218: Set of 3

thick impasto strokes

Texture 202: Set of 6

white paint rolled on glass

Ink 175: Set of 4

thick, rectangular layered wipes

Ink 097: Set of 4

set of 4 heavy, dry single brush strokes

Ink 081: Set of 2

wet brush lines
set of 2

Ink 076

thick, thin, wet and dry scribble line

Ink 055

thick, dry, textured rolled ink

Ink 041

thick, dark, brushstrokes on medium grey cardboard

Texture 037

thick, soft, fresh, lush, green grass

Ink 034

rough, dark, thick rolled ink

Ink 026

thick, heavy brushstrokes with ragged edges and cardboard lines

Ink 017

thick, dry, ink roller with rough edges

Ink 014

rough, dry, distressed, thick, patterned ink made with a roller

Ink 006

rough ink roller from heavy and wet to light and dry

Ink 001

wide, watery, brushy, dry strokes