Example 002

This example uses Ink 029. Two Photoshop layers of colour painted with a large airbrush. Brushstroke inks pasted into layer masks and inverted. Top layer set to Hard Light blend mode.

Ink 029

straight, horizontal and vertical watercolour brushstrokes

Texture 029

dirty, flaking, grungy, worn blue plywood

Ink 028

dirty, random, ink strokes and marks

Texture 028

water drops on glass, distorting and reflecting the sky

Example 001

Keith Ikeda-Barry combined line drawings with dynamic ink splatters, and specific areas of accent colours.

Ink 027: Set of 4

set of 4 wet, splashed, splattered ink drops on rough paper

Texture 027: Set of 4

old, rough, bark, wood, bamboo fences
set of 4

Ink 026

thick, heavy brushstrokes with ragged edges and cardboard lines

Texture 026

blue, gravel and concrete floor with dark shadow and highlight