Ink 121

irregular checkerboard

Texture 121

peanuts in toffee

Ink 120: Set of 8

set of 8 wet rolled ink that kind of looks like mountains, or maybe islands

Texture 120: Set of 4

set of 4 old, damaged yellow square pattern on asphalt

Tutorial 005

Using Textures as Layer Masks in Photoshop

Ink 119: Set of 3

set of 3 wet, worn, creased, dark, rolled rectangles

Texture 119

handwritten dictionary text on rough white wall

Ink 118: Set of 2

set of 2 light, wet, patterned textures

Texture 118: Set of 3

set of 3 stained, scratched, cracked, painted plaster

Ink 117: Set of 3

set of 3 scraped, grungy layers of dark, dry ink

Texture 117: Set of 2

set of 2 old, damaged tape over cracked plywood