Ink 056: Set of 2

set of 2 fine, wet, sprayed inks

Texture 056: Set of 2

rough, scratched, dark, grungy plaster
set of 2

Ink 055

thick, dry, textured rolled ink

Texture 055: Set of 4

city lights at night through a rainy car window
set of 4

Ink 054

rough rectangles of dry dot patterns

Texture 054: Set of 5

stained, scuffed, rusted sheet metal
set of 5

Ink 053: Set of 9

set of 9 wet, translucent, brushed and rubbed inks

Texture 053

green, round, tiny leaves on water with vignette effect

Tutorial 004

Displacement Filter in Photoshop

Ink 052

wet, sprayed ink with dry brush marks

Texture 052: Set of 8

old, dry, grainy, rough, stained wood planks
set of 8