Ink 021

light, sprayed ink splatter

Texture 021

big, red, metal bolts in heavy-duty metal plate

Ink 020

rough, dry, wide, scratchy brush-marks

Texture 020

rough, gritty, plaster wall

Ink 019

two irregular, rectangular, dark, medium-contrast, bleeding ink washes

Texture 019

rusty, stained, scratched, grungy, metal, black and yellow caution stripes

Ink 018: Set of 5

set of 5 medium, low-contrast, wet ink washes

Texture 018: Set of 5

wrinkled, patched, gritty, green, grungy asphalt roofing shingles with nails
set of 5

Tutorial 002

How to colourize inks using Photoshop.

Ink 017

thick, dry, ink roller with rough edges

Texture 017

knotted, grainy wooden fence with nails