Ink 043

wet, splashy, drippy ink washes with wrinkled paper texture

Texture 043

crumbly, cracked, toasted baked casserole topping

Ink 042

wet, mottled rolled ink shape

Texture 042

rough, chipped, small ceramic tiles

Ink 041

thick, dark, brushstrokes on medium grey cardboard

Texture 041: Set of 6

orange, rusty, stained, flaking, painted metal
set of 6

Ink 040

rough, dry rolled ink

Texture 040

rippling, wavy, distorted light refractions on sea water

Tutorial 003

Layer Blends and Smart Objects in Photoshop

Ink 039

solid rolled ink with rough edges and subtle texture

Texture 039

cracked, rough, worn, chipped, antique ceramic floor tile