Texture 248

wet paving bricks

Texture 222

blue fur

Texture 215: Set of 2

bumpy wallpaper

Texture 208

sprayed white dots on blue

Ink 200: Set of 4

layers of thin washes

Ink 198: Set of 3

large wet brush washes

Texture 192: Set of 4

cool, blue ice cubes

Ink 191

layers of wet brush strokes

Texture 191: Set of 2

corrugated metal with text

Ink 185: Set of 4

coloured paint on rough plaster

Ink 162: Set of 4

set of 4: black wipes over wet blue bleeds

Texture 138: Set of 6

set of 6: mosaic tiles in irregular patterns

Texture 116: Set of 4

set of 4 ripped, stitched, repaired, patterned fabric

Texture 090: Set of 4

4 rippling, blue-green tropical ocean waters with golden sand

Texture 029

dirty, flaking, grungy, worn blue plywood

Texture 026

blue, gravel and concrete floor with dark shadow and highlight

Texture 024

high-contrast, blue, orange, soft-focus, bokeh, light effects

Ink 013

spray, splatter, misty blue ink on paper