Premium Collection 003



  • light, sprayed ink splatter
  • soft edged, bleeding, cloudy ink dot on heavy watercolour paper
  • nine separate, long, dry, wavy, parallel brush-strokes
  • thick, black, layered, angled, dry brush-strokes
  • dark, uneven, square ink roller
  • thick, heavy brushstrokes with ragged edges and cardboard lines
  • set of 4 wet, splashed, splattered ink drops on rough paper
  • dirty, random, ink strokes and marks
  • straight, horizontal and vertical watercolour brushstrokes
  • splattered, washy, splotchy, stained, heavy textured paper


  • big, red, metal bolts in heavy-duty metal plate
  • thick, brushed, gritty, drippy painted metal
  • weathered, stained, spotted, blotchy, old, wood panel
  • high-contrast, blue, orange, soft-focus, bokeh, light effects
  • green, moldy, gritty, pitted, rough concrete
  • blue, gravel and concrete floor with dark shadow and highlight
  • set of 4 old, rough, bark, wood, bamboo fences
  • water drops on glass, distorting and reflecting the sky
  • dirty, flaking, grungy, worn blue plywood
  • rough, cracked rocky cliff face

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