Premium Collection 004



  • long, dark, wet and dry rough brush strokes
  • wet, spotty, gritty, bleeding ink
  • angled, wet, watery, layered light brushstrokes
  • rough, dark, thick rolled ink
  • dotted, patterned, inky imprint of bubble wrap
  • patchy, random watercolour brush strokes and daubs
  • set of 4 wet, dry, rough, bleeding watercolour circles
  • daubed spots, inky brush mark pattern
  • solid  rolled ink with rough edges and subtle texture
  • rough, dry rolled ink


  • tiny, multi-coloured, fabric balls
  • purple, green, narrow stripe pattern printed on cardboard
  • angular, dark, wet, patterned sand
  • smooth, painted, arched, open doorway in wall
  • gritty, rough, cracked painted stucco wall
  • cracked, broken, chipped, clear, dirty,scratched window glass
  • thick, soft, fresh, lush, green grass
  • worn, painted, diamond-tread steel floor plate
  • cracked, rough, worn, chipped, antique ceramic floor tile
  • rippling, wavy, distorted light refractions on sea water

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