Premium Collection 005



  • thick, dark, brushstrokes on medium grey cardboard
  • wet, mottled rolled ink shape
  • wet, splashy, drippy ink washes with wrinkled paper texture
  • dark, cracked,scratched, rough ink imprint
  • set of 7 watery, bleeding inky wash shapes
  • dark, dense, splatter spray with drips
  • long, looping, curvy, rough, dry, scratchy
  • splatter, drips, drops and coffee ring stains
  • black, rough, solid, scratched rectangle
  • set of 10 wet, rolled inks


  • set of 6 orange, rusty, stained, flaking, painted metals
  • rough, chipped, small ceramic tiles
  • crumbly, cracked, toasted baked casserole topping
  • dirty, dusty drippy spray paint
  • rough, organic, creased, wrinkled, folded, orange hand-made paper
  • bright, gritty, grainy bokeh circles
  • gritty, dirty, rough, grungy, light, dark stone
  • round, light, rough granite river stones
  • rough, loose-weave deep red cotton fabric with white circle
  • set of 8 old cracked, stained, flaking, painted wood boards

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