Premium Collection 006



  • set of 4: dripped, splashed inks
  • wet, sprayed ink with dry brush marks
  • set of 9: wet, translucent, brushed and rubbed inks
  • rough rectangles of dry dot patterns
  • thick, dry, textured rolled ink
  • set of 2: fine, wet, sprayed inks
  • set of 2: solid, patterned wet brush strokes
  • 12 small watercolour brush shapes
  • set of 3: large wet, dripping brush strokes
  • set of 3: wide, soft, dark strokes


  • set of 4: old, chipped, broken, curved ceramic tiles
  • set of 8: old, dry, grainy, rough, stained wood planks
  • green, round, tiny leaves on water with vignette effect
  • set of 5: stained, scuffed, rusted sheet metal
  • set of 4: city lights at night through a rainy car window
  • set of 2: rough, scratched, dark, grungy plaster
  • set of 5: worn, rough, damaged antique stitched book covers
  • set of 3: thick, heavy coiled ropes
  • set of 2: fine closed-cell foam padding
  • modern coloured stripes



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