Premium Collection 001




  • watery, bleeding, big, dark, black ink drops on heavy watercolour paper
  • splattered, straw-blown, spidery ink
  • big solid ink blob with irregular scuffed,  dry areas and exposed paper
  • huge, dry, single brush-stroke with texture like wood-grain
  • rough ink roller from heavy and wet to light and dry
  • light, rough ink made with a dry roller
  • thick, wet inky tire-print in two pieces
  • big, dry single brush-stroke
  • black, spray, fine, misty, drippy, splatter
  • wide, watery, brushy, dry strokes


  • old, worn, rusty, weathered metal shutter door
  • grungy, decayed, cement and ceramic-tile Japanese wall
  • grungy, red, green pock-marked concrete floor with circular scratches and worn-off paint
  • dry, rough, pitted, gravel surface in daylight
  • diamond-tread steel plates, welding seams, paint, dust, mud, tire tracks
  • fine-grained stucco wall covering
  • grey geometric, square, textured tiles showing relief
  • light red-brown wood with clearly defined grain
  • grey, scratched, scored, dirty, stained concrete
  • green, drippy, organic, grungy, splatter-spray

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