Day 26: Main and 26th SE

Pen, watercolour. Light, sound, motion that washes this place, then the next. I breathe out, someone breathes in.  

Day 22: Main and 28th

Ink, watercolour. Look there, then look away. It becomes a memory. Look again. Away. The first memory, the second. Both are true.

Day 21: Main and 27th

Pen, watercolour. These metal pedestrians are so familiar that they disappear like people. Lined up for a bus that never comes. I can still read Luxmii when I close my eyes.

Day 20: Main and 26th

Pen, watercolour. Gasoline ripples rise on watery air. We only see the colours that are left behind.

Day 19: Main and 25th

Pen, watercolour. It depends on your direction; what you see, what colour finds you, how long you wait. Sometimes it all comes at once.

Day 18: Main and 24th

Coloured pencil, ink. Blue slices of another sky, a different distance. Tonight the walls pulse with the day’s forgotten heat.