Heavy Skies at The Boulevard Café from May 19

Aya helped me install 26 pieces at The Boulevard Café at University of British Columbia on Monday. View Larger Map Click through to see more pics of the installation.

Studying Woodblock Printmaking in Osaka

We found a mokuhan-ga (woodblock printmaking) artist who teaches the traditional methods right in her Osaka studio, and I studied with her for two months this past spring. The techniques she taught me enabled me to complete my Heavy Skies print series, which is currently hanging at Kafka’s in Vancouver. Haruka-sensei applies paint to the […]

Our Show at Kafka’s in Vancouver

We’re finishing up our work, getting ready to hang it tomorrow in time for the opening on Thursday, August 15. My pieces are all large-scale woodblock-style prints based on the “heavy sky” series I did during Thirty Days Project last November. Aya’s pieces are large, abstract works based on explorations from her Thirty Days Project […]

Kafka Show: Opening Reception

 A great crowd of really good people came out to the opening reception on Friday night. Tim Gerwing played his music from Thirty Days Project and Aya prepared a table full of amazing catering.

Day 26: Main and 26th SE

Pen, watercolour. Light, sound, motion that washes this place, then the next. I breathe out, someone breathes in.  

Day 22: Main and 28th

Ink, watercolour. Look there, then look away. It becomes a memory. Look again. Away. The first memory, the second. Both are true.

Day 21: Main and 27th

Pen, watercolour. These metal pedestrians are so familiar that they disappear like people. Lined up for a bus that never comes. I can still read Luxmii when I close my eyes.

Day 20: Main and 26th

Pen, watercolour. Gasoline ripples rise on watery air. We only see the colours that are left behind.

Day 19: Main and 25th

Pen, watercolour. It depends on your direction; what you see, what colour finds you, how long you wait. Sometimes it all comes at once.

Day 18: Main and 24th

Coloured pencil, ink. Blue slices of another sky, a different distance. Tonight the walls pulse with the day’s forgotten heat.