Printmaking Experiments: Death Forgotten

The Japanese phrase “wasure-mono” translates directly as “forget-thing”, like an umbrella on a train, or a jellied quince in a hotel fridge in Izmir (long story). I don’t think we have an equivalent phrase in English. A memento mori encourages us to remember death. If you absentmindedly forgot death, perhaps just left it behind like […]

Printmaking Experiment: Kani (Crabs)

Elementary school teachers often guide their students through simple arts-and-crafts printmaking using supermarket meat trays: It is a little ironic that such a highly-technical, modern material as closed-cell Styrofoam can create such a warm, soft texture when rolled with ink. I thought it might be interesting to take it up a level and try a […]

Café Sketch 11: Full Colour Textures

I’m really enjoying these combinations of watercolour textures with the digital tablet sketches. They really introduce an illustrative quality which makes me think about how these could be adapted.

Café Sketch 10: Line-Up

The round forms of the watercolour textures really change the emotions and the boundaries of the drawing.

Café Sketch 09: Three Watercolour Textures

Another experiment with adding watercolour textures to a sketch on the tablet. Also used a weird, rougher pen tool that I’m not sure about.

Café Sketch 08: Watercolour Texture

These guys ended up with glummer expressions than they really had. I added a watercolour texture as an experiment in combining digital lines with traditional elements. The texture comes from, a site I run that supplies free inks and textures for digital artists.