Heavy Skies at The Boulevard Café from May 19

Aya helped me install 26 pieces at The Boulevard Café at University of British Columbia on Monday. View Larger Map Click through to see more pics of the installation.

Christmas Card 2013

Cars on a wet night street. Christmas 2013

Kaiju: T-28 Red Belt

I scanned some ink and paper textures and added vector masks in Photoshop. This is a warm-up piece for what I plan to do during the upcoming Thirty Days Project in November.

Commission: Poirot Poster

I wish there were more clients like my most recent one. She has a collection of commissioned posters based on iconic images and characters from film and television, and was looking to add one of Hercule Poirot as played by David Suchet.

Café Sketch 11: Full Colour Textures

I’m really enjoying these combinations of watercolour textures with the digital tablet sketches. They really introduce an illustrative quality which makes me think about how these could be adapted.

Café Sketch 10: Line-Up

The round forms of the watercolour textures really change the emotions and the boundaries of the drawing.

Café Sketch 09: Three Watercolour Textures

Another experiment with adding watercolour textures to a sketch on the tablet. Also used a weird, rougher pen tool that I’m not sure about.

Café Sketch 08: Watercolour Texture

These guys ended up with glummer expressions than they really had. I added a watercolour texture as an experiment in combining digital lines with traditional elements. The texture comes from inkandtexture.com, a site I run that supplies free inks and textures for digital artists.

Café Sketch 07: Computer Room

In the spring I started this digital tablet sketch in an internet café. The other day I had the inspiration to work it up into a kind of illustration.

Café Sketch 06: Combining Prior Experiences

The digital tools are very seductive, allowing me to zoom in quickly and add accurate details as I go. Too often, however, I lose track of the whole image and the end result is an overly-tight, technical drawing without life. Taking cues from two other café sketches, the most recent White Objects and my first […]

Café Sketch 05: White Shapes

A lighter look for finger-painting on the tablet. Interesting how shading in some areas carefully gives the flat white areas their own illusion of volume and weight. If there were no colour at all the scene would be very flat, but with a little shading and rounding of some key areas the space instead seems […]

Café Sketch 04: Patterned Shirts

The corner seat that was available today was a little cramped, but it offered the best view of the café. These two were deep in conversation and obligingly sat very still. Their patterned shirts just begged to be drawn in.

Digital Sketches: People

I’m getting used to my finger as a brush, but I would still prefer to use a stylus.

Café in Colour

Another finger-sketch on the tablet, sitting in the Boulevard Café at UBC. A dark, rainy spring day encouraged me to push in colour where there was none.

Macbeth Poster Dilemma

We’re more of the blood, love and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive, but we can’t do you love an rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They’re all blood, you see.