Kaiju: Gabora 1, 2 and Eleking 5

Two takes on Gabora in bright colours over black ink on tinted paper. And a similar take on Eleking. Gabora 1 Digital 60 x 84.5 cm

Day 30: Red King 3

Red King 3 Ink on Bristol 42.5 x 15 cm Click for sketches and more.

Day 15: Dada 3

Dada 3 Ink, watercolour. 35.5 x 51 cm

Day 09: Baltan Seijin

Baltan Seijin Ink and gouache on board.

Day 03: Supina-Chi

Supina-Chi comes in the night. Ink, pencil.

Day 01: Dada

Day 01: Dada Gouache on Bristol board. Roller, sponge, toothbrush, bottle cap, hand-cut stencil.

Two Ink Monsters

Buska Ink, watercolour 2008

Collection 01

Four mixed photos.

Vespa Tea Towel

Combining earlier work into concepts for printing on fabric.

Peru: Coloured Walls

Six photos.

Skull and Cactus

Digital painting from elements found in Mexico. 2003

Day 06: Tiny Oasis

Day 05: Tiny Oasis Ink.