Applied Unity Series

Two pieces from my Applied Unity series.

Kaiju: T-28 Red Belt

I scanned some ink and paper textures and added vector masks in Photoshop. This is a warm-up piece for what I plan to do during the upcoming Thirty Days Project in November.

Café in Colour

Another finger-sketch on the tablet, sitting in the Boulevard Café at UBC. A dark, rainy spring day encouraged me to push in colour where there was none.

Kaiju: Pigman Pixels

This is a preparation for my largest piece in our upcoming show; Pigman pixellated. I finished the real version last week, in acrylics on a huge wooden panel. Digital 60 x 84.5 cm

Day 30: Red King 3

Red King 3 Ink on Bristol 42.5 x 15 cm Click for sketches and more.

Day 05: Red King 2

Red King 2 Ink, pencil.

Day 02: Red King

Day 02: Red King Gouache on brown paper. Roller, sponge, toothbrush, hand-cut stencil, pen.

Vespa Tea Towel

Combining earlier work into concepts for printing on fabric.

Peru: Coloured Walls

Six photos.

The Eight: What Really Happened

The Eight: What Really Happened A new version of Day 06, with added ink.

Day 04: Red Berries

Day 04: Red Berries. Digital