Kaiju: T-28 Red Belt

I scanned some ink and paper textures and added vector masks in Photoshop. This is a warm-up piece for what I plan to do during the upcoming Thirty Days Project in November.

Café Sketch 11: Full Colour Textures

I’m really enjoying these combinations of watercolour textures with the digital tablet sketches. They really introduce an illustrative quality which makes me think about how these could be adapted.

Café Sketch 10: Line-Up

The round forms of the watercolour textures really change the emotions and the boundaries of the drawing.

Café Sketch 09: Three Watercolour Textures

Another experiment with adding watercolour textures to a sketch on the tablet. Also used a weird, rougher pen tool that I’m not sure about.

Italia 1

Using earlier work in a new composition. 2010

This Too Must Pass

Composition of my own and found material. 2010

Ornate Type

Following a tutorial on textures and combining elements. 2009


Galleries of Digital Artwork

Day 10: Silver Dollars

Day 10: Silver Dollars.Digital.

Day 04: Red Berries

Day 04: Red Berries. Digital