Eleking on Wood

Eleking On Wood Acrylic, stained wood. Approximately 15cm x 15cm.   The found material (wood) had a great texture and I loved the ragged edge. I worked the white acrylic up in layers, using thicker and thinner areas for some depth.

Blue and Orange Spray

Four originals done with brush, pencil and toothbrush. Three of them are in the show at Kafka’s until November 1. One more added here as a bonus for my blog readers. Anchimata Blue Orange Spray Pencil, ink. 23×30.5 cm

Kaiju: Gabora 1, 2 and Eleking 5

Two takes on Gabora in bright colours over black ink on tinted paper. And a similar take on Eleking. Gabora 1 Digital 60 x 84.5 cm

Kaiju: Eleking 2, 3 and 4

Three takes on Eleking:   Eleking 4 Digital 60 x 84.5 cm

Day 27: Eleking 2

Eleking 2 Digital 30 x 30 cm