Studying Woodblock Printmaking in Osaka

We found a mokuhan-ga (woodblock printmaking) artist who teaches the traditional methods right in her Osaka studio, and I studied with her for two months this past spring. The techniques she taught me enabled me to complete my Heavy Skies print series, which is currently hanging at Kafka’s in Vancouver. Haruka-sensei applies paint to the […]

Two Pieces in Sakai, Japan

Two of my pieces from Thirty Days Project 2010 (my Main Street series) are now hanging, beautifully framed, in a private medical clinic in Sakai, Japan. I recently had an opportunity to pop in and snap some hasty photos. Day 19 (Main and 25th) is in an examining room: Click through to see the rest.

Buffalo Samurai

Samurai costume from Kyoto’s Jidai Matsuri. Ink, pencil. 2006

Day 10: Silver Dollars

Day 10: Silver Dollars.Digital.

Day 04: Red Berries

Day 04: Red Berries. Digital